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About VCMS Rentals

VCMS Company Ltd (VCMS) established to spearhead the Rental Programme it operates for and on behalf of its Members.

The principle objective of the programme is to maximise the income from  the luxury self-catering apartments reserved for Members’. This income  is effectively shared among the Members who choose  to participate in the Programme.

Golden Sands Island Residence Club Members have access to 273 self catering luxury apartments of all sizes, from Studio Apartments that sleep 2 to 3 Bedroom Apartments that sleep upto 8.

The Club also includes 4 luxury Penthouse Apartments with a large terrace commanding spectacular views.

The Heavenly Collection Members, on the other hand have access rights to 9 Penthouse units and 9 Beachfront luxury apartments.

We have created this programme to allow non-Members the premium vacation experience otherwise only available to the Members of these exclusive clubs.

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