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Top 8 Gram Worthy Locations in Malta

Living in a generation where lives seem to be revolving around technology and social media it is inevitable for one to not be on holiday and think about snapping a shot and uploading it on one of the various social media profiles the majority of us nowadays have. Whether it’s a story or a post we all feel the need to share our travel experiences with our followers.

Malta has become one of the top European destinations for all type of travelers varying from families, elderly travelers, photographers and Millennials.

With everyone being eager to snap the best photos and upload on social media we have prepared a list with the top 8 Gram Worthy locations in Malta which apart from being worth visiting they will also gain you a few extra likes.

1. Valletta

Although Valletta is one of the smallest capitals in Europe, it does not hold back on its beauty, being one of the most picturesque cities one can visit. The 2018 European Capital of Culture has so much to offer to its visitors from historical sites, museums, theatres, retail outlets, gardens, restaurants serving mouth-watering Mediterranean and local dishes and finally it has some of the most instagrammable locations for your feed.

The streets of Valletta will charm you with their simplicity yet enchanting appearance making you feel as if one is talking a walk in the past with the history that the streets of Valletta offer to its visitors.

One of the most famous streets in Valletta is Strait Street. This street was particularly well known back in the 19th and mid 20th century when American and British military men used to visit this street for its bars and the Maltese women used to pin to these foreign men.

2. Mdina

Before Valletta, Mdina served as the Capital City of Malta from antiquity till the medieval period. The fortified city used to also be known as Città Vecchia and Città Notabile however noawadys many also refer to it as the silent city, due to its constant silent atmosphere. It’s narrow streets and alleys make this city one of Malta’s top tourist locations to visit.

A famous Instagram spot in Mdina is the blue door with colourful flowers, inviting all visitors to snap a quick photo with this door and uploading it on social media.

3. Marsaxlokk

The fishing village of Marsaxlokk is located in the south-eastern part of the island. This village offers a selection of some of the finest fish restaurants in Malta. One can enjoy a nice walk along the promenade and on Sundays there is also the market that takes place and is known as il-Monti. Hawkers will be selling a variety of products such as food and lace.

One can also take some photos of the Luzzu boat that can be found at Marsaxlokk. The Luzzu is the traditional fishing boat in Malta and on the front of the boat they generally have a pair of eyes engraved that are known as the Eye of Orisis, or the Eye of Horus and symbolise protection and good health as it is believed that these will keep the fisherman safe while out at sea.

4. Golden Bay

The home to our resort is one of the most visited bays in Malta all throughout the year but in particular during the summer months. This sandy beach attracts different groups of people, from families with young children building sandcastles, to groups of friends enjoying some time in the sun whilst having a chilled drink together. The sunset at Golden Bay is not to be missed especially when viewed from next to the Għajn Tuffieħa Tower, this view will definitely add some likes to your posts.

5. Popeye Village

Named after the musical-film production, Popeye Village is a vibrant village that is still in use after all these years, serving as a resort town as well as a small theme park on the Maltese islands. Open all year round it offers various activities in particular for families with young kids.

The view of Popeye village can also be viewed from anchor bay that is just opposite Popeye village and one can take some nice shots from this bay of the colourful town just across.

6. Tal-Mixta Cave

Since the Azure Window has collapsed, Tal-Mixta Cave has become a must visit when in Malta. This cave can be found up in the hills of Nadur and one can admire the picturesque views of Ramla Bay, one of the most renowned beaches in Gozo. In order to get to this cave, it is ideal to have a car as it might be difficult to reach the cave by foot.

7. Cittadella

This fortified town of Cittadella is located high above the capital city of Gozo, Victoria. It is the first thing one will notice when visiting the city, Cittadella is a charming town that one must visit, very similar to Mdina in Malta however we can all agree that everything in Gozo looks slightly more magical than in other countries. There is something about it’s silence and history that will captivate its visitors.

8. Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary

Located also in Gozo, Ta` Pinu Sanctuary is also a must visit in Gozo, regardless of one’s religious beliefs. This sanctuary can be considered an architectural masterpiece located in an isolated area of the island, between the villages of Gharb and Ghammar.

It is believed that many people have experienced several miraculous healings after visiting this Sanctuary and praying to our Lady of Ta` Pinu. One can also notice many ex-votos that people give to the sanctuary by those who have experienced a miraculous act after visiting the sanctuary.

Malta is full of breath-taking spots where one can snap various photos to upload on social media, however the above mentioned 8 locations are our favourite in the islands of Malta and Gozo. Have you visited these locations or other ones that you would like us to know about?

Share your photos with us in the comments below.

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