As a vacation management firm, VCMS Company Ltd (VCMS) set up VCMS Malta Rentals at Golden Bay in 2020 solely to help Island Residence Club (IRC) and the Heavenly Collection members to better market their apartments and suites to non-members looking to rent five-star-quality Mediterranean beachfront accommodation.

How it works is that across both clubs, members have access to 273 self-catering luxury apartments, 13 penthouse suites, and nine luxury beachfront apartments.

The remit of VCMS Malta Rentals is simply to help members maximise the income they can get from their always-in-demand luxury apartments or suites. VCMS Malta Rentals then splits the income generated from the rentals programme between the participating club members.

The major benefits are two-fold.

  1. Members who — for many number of reasons — can’t stay in their suite or apartment for their booked season are happy to get some money back from renting out.
  2. Non-members, meanwhile, have the fantastic opportunity to enjoy a truly premium vacation experience normally only available to members of the exclusive clubs.

Award Winner

VCMS Malta Rentals’ home resort has won well over twenty awards. These include two gold medals at the prestigious World Travel Awards in London as well as several Certificates of Excellence and numerous Travellers’ Choice Awards from review website TripAdvisor, which illustrates exceptional customer service as these reviews come from the guests themselves.